5 killer Sunset points in Dubai You probably Missed!

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Best sunset points in Dubai

Guys honestly tell me whenever the word Dubai strikes in your mind. What is the first picture that slides through your frame of mind?  High-rise skyscrapers? Glitzy shopping malls? Luxurious lifestyle? A lot more I know and the list will go on. No doubt assail in a fact that Dubai owns natural as well as man-made sites, but guys magic in treasuring sunset vista of Dubai is incomparable. I promise you will never meet a sunset which you will never like.

Dubai which tops the chart in being a remarkable place for sightseeing also lends you a lifetime experience of penning mesmeric sunsets into the heart. While I watch the sunsets here in Dubai, the poet comes out and whispers “It seems as if the sky has broken like an egg into full sunset and the water has caught fire.”



Dubai is dotted with lavish hotels, scenic beaches, and resorts which let click the sunset’s image through your retina. You know, I like to talk to the setting sun…  Whatever I speak to it, he just answers “every sunset is an opportunity to reset” if you also love the silence between a setting sun and you which speaks thousands of words then you need to hop on your driving seat and steer your car to these locations:



Burj Khalifa:

Even birds are aware of such a monolith! This monolith has the “observation deck” on its 124th floor which will make you feel as if you can touch the setting orange ball right in front of you.

Trust me guys for a moment you will feel as if you can mold it into any shape and cuddle the setting sun it into your arms. That feeling is so irresistible when you want to finger through cotton clouds! The ambiance provides you tranquility and serenity. Land yourself in Burj Khalifa, wrap your fingers around a cocktail glass and observe sun casting its golden rays upon the cloud. After stealing a moment of sunset, I am sure you will want to shout loud that you had witnessed such a great piece of beauty.  


Madinat Jumeirah


Unlike an experience earned in Burj Khalifa, this place will provide you an enjoyable experience of the sunset while sticking you to the ground… If you are more of a down to earth person then go to Madinat Jumeirah. Now, why so? — Because by down to earth I meant was if you want don’t want to feel like flying birds! Jokes apart, this place is an alluring resort from where you not only earn a view of a sunset but also a view of Burj Khalifa itself. That’s what I refer to as multiple films in one ticket! This quixotic place is located beside Wild Wadi Water Park, one the Jumeirah Beach Road.


Deira Creek

This place is especially to love birds! It offers something more than watching the sun which falls behind the horizon and paints the sky shades of red and pink.

Let me unveil what actually it offers — a romantic trip. Before the sunset, you can hire an abra, which is the wooden boat that will not cost you a fortune! A fortune of 1 dirham people! Well, sarcasm apart, in just a dirham you can light a smile on your partners face. If you are a person who owns a perception of a penny saved is a penny earned then hit this place now!

That abra will let you sail through the green water. Other than, filling your eyes by the romantic view of sunset also get your skin cooled by the ruffling breeze,

The great essence of watching the sunset is to enjoy the private space, which Deira Creek surely provides.  Hopefully, now you must have got the idea why I especially mentioned couples. Though you can go without a partner, just get ready to get yourself termed as forever alone! Like I always used to get, but I don’t care!


Jetty Lounge

This place covers two great natural beauties:  gray sea with long breaking waves and pale sinking sun. This place has a balcony arrangement that will let you face the stretched enticing sea accompanied by the sunset. Jetty Lounge offers great meals, drinks for your tummy and melodious music for your ears. Who wouldn’t want to want to enjoy such a perfect romantic ambiance?

Level 43 Rooftop Lounge

Other than observing the view of Dubai, this place let you witness the scene when the sun pours out its brilliant hot orange color. This is a perfect place to ditch your worries and take the peace all in. With a beautiful décor, this place also offers a melodious Music that could never be something superfluous.


Guys, I never met a sunset which I never liked. So if you have not yet felt the bliss of witnessing the sunset then go and catch the sun today! —  it surely promises a new dawn.

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