DUBAI TALLEST Building ‘The $1bn Tower’ Not Burj Khalifa

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That’s exactly what we gonna discuss about the tallest building in the world!


So are you wondering which is the tallest building in the world under construction? tallest building in the world 2017 ? or tallest building in the world 2020?
No its not the petronas twin tower 1 ,shanghai tower ,petronas tower 2
its gonna be ‘The $1bn Tower‘ thats gonna be constructed at dubai creek .
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So lets talk about dubai creek tower height,the tower dubai creek harbour What a innovation and masterpiece its gonna be designed and constructed to be lablled as the tallest building.

It is true and everybody also knows that there are many huge buildings in Dubai, these buildings also attract the tourist and as well as business mans also for their business. In all well-known buildings, the most common, huge and beautiful building is ‘Burj Khalifa‘ and it also is known as a ‘Burj Dubai’. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors, its height is 828m, its construction started on September 21, 2004, and its owner is ‘Emaar Properties’

You are pleased to know that 'Emaar Properties' is now going to build the tallest tower in Dubai, which breaks the record and height of 'Burj Khalifa' and the name of that tower is 'The $1bn Tower'

The new building (The $1bn Tower) will face competition from the 1,000 meters high (although its height was not revealed yet by Emaar but its height almost near about 1,000meter). The Tower's structure’s design was inspired the Islamic “minaret” structure as well as a lily bud.
The Dubai Creek Harbour development is twice the size of Downtown Dubai, the area around the Burj Khalifa, which Emaar also developed.

The building was described by Emaar as “a new icon” on Dubai’s skyline.
At the opening ceremony of this tower, important thing that is come to know is that the main working floors will include “a world-class boutique hotel for visitors”, restaurants, function rooms and an interior garden space. But unlike the Burj Khalifa, The Tower will not feature residential units or offices.

The tower will be at the center of what the developers called a “new smart city of the future” which will include 6.79m2 of residential space, 11.16m2 of retail facilities, 851,000m2 of commercial property, with 22 hotels offering 4,400 rooms and much leisure use of the 4.5km of boardwalk waterfront.
The Tower at Dubai Creek is expected to be completed for the Dubai Expo trade fair in 2020, the same year that the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah is due to be finished.

The tallest building is on its way 'The $1bn Tower'

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