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The Best Ramadan tents  Dubai can offer you.

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 Best Ramadan Tents  Dubai.

You people will nod heads if I write that with a birth of a new day in Ramazan, there is a resurrected joy that steps into the environment as the Iftar time approaches the people to drop in at various Ramadan tents. It’s quite natural that you people make ever cherishing memories when gathered around the food table! So Dubai offers you many such meals.

Let’s enlist some of the best Ramadan tents in Dubai:

Ewaan – The Palace of Food
EWAAN — It also heals your eyes by providing you such a great view of Dubai Fountain, other than fulfilling the cravings of your stomach. Arabic Harmonies in the background will fill your soul with peace only, as I bet you wouldn’t have left with empty spaces in your body after Iftar!

“The Majlis”– at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)
“Home is not only a place; it’s a feeling” that’s what this place will make you revive. Traditional Arabian cuisines are ready to make you go gaga. It offers a lounge seating, a separate iftar area, and even a large beautifully ornated gazebos. This is a friendly place where the memories of breaking a fast will always remain penned in your heart. What else do you need?

Manzil and Fume collaboration in Downtown

If your taste buds are craving to experiment something new, then pause their feud! As during the month of Ramazan, Manzil downtown Dubai and fume downtown are ready together to serve you with their team of chefs. Yes, you read it right in the first go. Be prepared to relish their services under a single roof, where you will be offered classic Arabic cuisine with contemporary food. Don’t miss out the board games: play and have fun! Here Lebanese oud players are your cheerleaders making it one of the  Best Ramadan Tents  Dubai

The Palace Downtown

This place gives you a real insight into Arabic culture. The well-maintained gardens without white marquees are dotted with gorgeous Bedouin-style tents. “Peace begins with a smile,” they say, and this place inevitably tugs one. The gardens offer serenity which will surely let a lazy smile creep over your face. You surely have to hit this place if you’re an overseas visitor. The palace downtown unearths Arabic authenticity.

Regal dining at The Ritz-Carlton JBR

This ballroom has eleven different equally lavished majlis enclosures. While you are slaughtering the salivating meal inside your mouth, different Arabic tunes from all across the state slay your music cravings! Moreover to all those league fans: you are lucky to glue your eyes on the screens as UEFA European Championships is broadcasted daily.

The Armani Ball Room

Among all the tents, Armani tops the list of my personal favorites. At the last hour of Iftar, my patience drained out while finding a good and vacant space for iftar. Then I found this beautiful ballroom. No words can’t describe the beauty and ambiance of “Armani Ball Room”! The ever-smiling hotel staffs are kind enough to provide you a refreshing and nonalcoholic cocktail to break the fast. The overall experience was rejuvenating. Armani had presented a delicious assortment of dining adventure for their cultured cross customers. Armani Ball Room is Luxury at its best considering the services they provide.

“Al Fanous Lounge” at JW Marriott Marquis
Its majestic building took my breath away for a second! The magnificent lounges will leave you in a awe. But Hold on guys! Don’t get so lost in its period that you forget to break your fast. The food is merely lip-smacking; its taste will push you to have more. Visit at least once with your loved ones, and surely you will spend quality times inside “Al Fanous Lounge.”

“Constellation Ballroom”- at the Dubai Marina

The ambiance kept here, is perfect in accordance with the culture and tradition. They maintain a commendable atmosphere here. The true spirit of Ramadan breaths to life whenever I visit here. The innumerable collection of exotic Arabic food and individual cuisines will drag you here again and again.

Asateer at Atlantis

The smell of salt captured the air, and I knew where I had landed myself Asateer! This tent offers an appealing, extravagant and impressive beachfront view which pulls you to enjoy the perfect sunset from there. You can return with some unforgettable experience from here. Glittering light was everywhere in this arena. A guzzle-gut will hog the nosh as there was an incalculable range of delicious Iftar unique dishes. But hold on hungry people! You may cost a hefty if you think yourselves as one of them to break the rules of dress code over here. This could sound modest, you can’t wear short or revealing dresses here. Rules are rules! Sorry peeps!

Dubai Creek Harbor Ramadan Tent

This place can quench one’s thirst for dining in the best Tent in Dubai for Ramadan. A prodigious individual like me had a frolicking time here. I felt indecisive about which cuisine to choose. The professionalism of these people tempt the customers with their eye-boggling presentation in the national and international dishes. Besides, the building is giving a transparent look of the city!

So all my foodie friends now are the time to explore the above places at any iftar. Trust me or not the above sites are worth your time and are surely the Best Ramadan Tents  Dubai. Bon appetite!!