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The Dubai Dolphin Bay is the way to go!

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Does it get any better than swimming on a hot, summer afternoon in cold water? Of course, it does when you have dolphins as your companion. To experience this thrilling encounter, I headed with my family to the Dubai Dolphin Bay at the Atlantis on a warm day of late summer. We had booked our tickets in advance, so it took us around thirty minutes to check in and change into our swimwear which is available there in all shapes and sizes. We had been offered many packages such as The Royal Swim which included swimming to the depths and interaction with two of the dolphins, The Dolphin Scuba Dive which provides for underwater swimming and communication with the dolphins , Private Experience which provides on special request with exclusive pod and private lagoon and Dolphin encounter which we opted for .
The check-in was followed by a few minutes of orientation with a marine mammal specialist. This session includes instructions that the visitors are to follow and also the behavioral pattern of the dolphins. We were well informed about our package, the habits of the dolphins, few rules and regulations. They answered all our queries regarding the event patiently. We were told that the dolphins we would find there would be of bottle-nosed category which is not endangered. Also, the mammals had been trained to interact with the visitors. We were allowed to spend around half an hour in the waters to get accustomed to it.
There was an instructor for every group that consisted of the ten members who had selected the same programme. My seven-year-old daughter and elder sister accompanied me, and we followed our demonstrator to the shallow waters where the experience would begin while my sister sat on the shore. We got to see the dolphin which was as big as seven feet. A group gets the company of one dolphin. Our group consisted of ten members of all age group and both swimmers and non-swimmers. But, any child below twelve years of age was required to be accompanied by an adult family member. Our dolphin was named Lisa. She was quite amiable and friendly. Each member got his/ her chance, and we hugged, kissed and played with Lisa. We threw her a ball, hugged her and held her by her fins. Lisa appeared to be genial and more friendly with the children of the group. She often poked them with her nose out of affection while they hugged her under the supervision of the trainer. The trainer was beneficial and instructive and was very careful of the children, assisting them every second of the joyous event. The children were so excited as they splashed water at Lisa and she played with them by splashing water back at them. There emerged awe feeling among the members of the group gradually, and all of us had a fantastic time together playing with the cheery mammal. My sister clicked us some great pictures petting and playing around with Lisa. The trainer who grew fond of my daughter clicked her a souvenir picture with Lisa.
The exhilarating experience ended as fast as it began; we didn’t realize how forty-five minutes flew by in the company of such beautiful people around and Lisa in the clear, calm waters. We went back to the changing room which had the locker facilities, dry towels and we changed back to our clothes. The encounter with the dolphins was a memory that I shall cherish forever. On our way out, we were offered water and soft drinks. Seeing my daughter narrating the whole experience in every minute detail with giggles and laughter to her aunt, made every dirham worth it.
From personal experience, I may tell the future visitors that the experience at the Dubai Dolphin Bay is worth experiencing once. I can assure you that it is nothing like anything one has ever done before. The Dubai Dolphin Bay is the most well maintained and sophisticated of all dolphin habitats. One has no idea how satisfying and happy can interaction and company be with another animal species who equally reciprocate to your actions. The dolphins are very well trained and well kept and cared for. The responsible trainers and the well-trained dolphins make it a very safe encounter for children as well as adults. The place is highly recommended for an extraordinary experience and is a must for all tourists in Dubai where you can choose from a range of fantastic planned programmes suited for all age groups and swimming abilities. It is a part of the Palm Atlantis project, Dubai so one can even put up here at the resort if traveling from far and for the residents of Dubai, what is your excuse?