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Dubai, the city of lights, is home to several attractions. From Burj Al Arab to Museums to malls, there are places for entertainment as well as for knowledge. Whether you are out alone or with family, you won’t get enough of any desired location. For shopping, you have malls with all facilities, for ancient craving you have museums, for admiring landmarks you have cruise and boat rides and for a peaceful yet fun evening you have gardens. In fact, Dubai Miracle Garden is the only garden that has broken the record for attracting thousands of tourists. 

It is one of Dubai’s most famous allure for tourism that is run by City Land Real Estate Development.

Miracle Garden is world’s largest botanical garden that occupies about 72000 square meters. I fell in love with it the minute I visited it. It is one of a kind botanical garden that is unique for the whole world. It is a bizarre recreational location for people to spend their free hours.

Now you don’t have to worry about the timing. It doesn’t matter if it’s time to offer prayers or you have kids with you to take care of, you can visit the garden at any time; mainly because it is not just a garden. It is home to several more facilities for its visitors. These facilities include parking both open and VIP, washrooms, prayer rooms, doctor’s room, ablution place and sitting area.

There is a coincidence with the date when the garden was launched i.e. 14th Feb ‘2013. So to all the married couples out there, its a retreat .Also, there are about 45 million types of flowers in the garden that you can show to your married partner as Valentine’s Day present. 

If there is even a slight chance you think I am bluffing about how great the garden is then I won’t ask you to trust my words. I will just enlighten you with a little fact about the garden. In 2015, the garden received the Moselle Award by the Garden Tourism Award 2015 for a New Garden Experience. What else do you want a proof?

I know what you are thinking. Are flowers all that the garden possesses? Yes, your question is valid. After all, it is a botanical garden on 72000 square meters. It can not only be filled with flowers. Well, it was only having flowers until 2015. In 2015, Dubai Butterfly Garden was opened by the owners of Dubai Miracle Garden. However, it is an indoor butterfly garden, but its Dubai’s first indoor butterfly garden. Even this indoor garden is world’s largest one and to the world, I say, ‘give Dubai some competition’. Now there are over 26 species of butterflies in there and over 15000 butterflies in total. To be honest, I love butterflies, but so many of them will confuse my imaginations as to which one to fall in love with!

Again, what’s a garden without some birds? The garden looks much more attractive due to the presence of peacocks. The way they freely walk from one part to another without disturbing anyone really makes me love them. I admire peace loving animals more than humans. You will, also, come across an aromatic garden and a floral clock. The floral clock is stunning I must say.

Since Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral garden it is only permitted to visit in the months between October and April when the temperature is tolerable. However, other months have temperature reaching up to 40 degree Celsius and that is not conducive for staring at the flowers. So if you planning on visiting the Garden, you only have around 7 months a year. That is a lot of time, but not enough to admire the beauty of it.

Now how does the flower remain so beautiful throughout the year? It is all relying on the mercy of water which is lacking day by day; due to which, the drip irrigation method is considered. Through this method, the water is reused and flowers are kept alive. Hats off to whoever thought reused water will keep the flowers fresh and alive. Anyway, that is all the information I have for you folks. What is your favorite part of such an amazing garden? Also, when are you going to visit it and post pictures?

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