Things you should not do in Dubai

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Dubai has a lot of things to offer then you can really imagine. I must tell you the reality does not pale in comparison to whatever you have heard of or seen in the pictures about Dubai. But Habibi put a full stop to all your fantasies right here! As Dubai is not a wish granting factory for all. You can definitely have all the fun and be wild. But one is bound to act under poise and manners. This implies that you will need to watch out your behavior to some extent. Tourists who unintentionally commit the misdemeanor have been put to jail — dare you cross the line or transgress in any way here!

Here is a list of all the things that you must avoid doing in Dubai:

Don’t humiliate the rulers
Dubai’s rulers have had their prestige and honors being transferred from many years. They are seen as a high authority and as respected figures. If you are going to pass a nasty remark on them probably “police” will catch you. On a serious note, making an inappropriate and insulting comment on them is a serious offense.

Keep Calm and Stop Drinking.
Among all Muslim Countries, Dubai is the most unconservative and liberal one. Here, only the foreign tourists are allowed to drink only if they have got a license for it. The ones who don’t have a license can drink in licensed hotels. But don’t go with the flow of emotions, as if you are suspected of over drinking then it may cost you a bomb in the form of the fine.

You are not the lead of Fast and Furious!
Hey, watch out for the speed limit as indicated by the various sign post. For instance, if you are driving on the fast lane at a turtle’s pace even then you are obliged to pay fine.

No driving, after drinking
The minimum legal age for drinking is 21. Drinking is not allowed either in private or public. While there are exceptions of license holder but penalties are charged for the people without it. Those include imprisonment, fines, and deportation. There is no tolerance if you are being caught while driving in Dubai. So, to be on the safe side it is always the best option to get a taxi service or just a regular cab.

Respecting is the best Policy
This thing is demanded out of every place you might go. Dubai, in particular, behooves you to be extra considerate towards their local culture, traditions and their religion.

Stop thinking it is cool here
To all those smokers — the act of firing the lighter and cupping your fingers around your mouth to light up the cigarette may sound cool to you, but it’s not a cool practice in Dubai. If anyone’s eyes encompass you in an act of this so-called classiness, then beware you will have to foot the bill of penalty — a huge fine.

Swear inside your head!
My friends if foul words dwell on the tip of your tongue then ask them to vacant the place till the time you are in Dubai! And if you can’t do that then before leaving your residence, let this foul language escape from your mouth else it will cost you heavy fine. So beep beep guys “please don’t curse and make things worse!”

Modify your behavior and stop starring!
If you possess a habit of staring then I suggest kindly … kindly gaze the scenic beauty. Don’t ever get into the trouble of staring women. Don’t glue your gaze on them other than in making you look pathetic — your prolonged stares will get you fined. You can even end up staring the walls of prison only. So boys hold down your horses and never try to unnecessarily indulge yourself in conversation with women, as all these things are the signs of harassment.

Cage your photographer within you
If you by any chance pet the craze of photography, then you ought to control your fingers from clicking pictures of other things in Dubai. Those other things include pictures of strangers and of government buildings. If you so wish to capture any picture then you have to take permission first … Ya, I know a great effort for only a picture — but rules are rules if you are from those who think rules are made to be broken then don’t try this in Dubai! Else you will find many things broken within yourself…

Even if it’s a bin—it’s a public property
Guys Public Park and other public properties like bus stops and benches are not owned by you and me! So treat them with respect and kindly drain the slightest idea of damaging these properties from your mind. If by any chance you get suspected of intentionally damaging such property then you will be dealt promptly with serious actions taken against you.

Sorry I dont mean to scare anyone but just trying to help you have a happy holiday in dubai!Love ya boom!

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