12 Tips You need To Know to Survive In Dubai

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So ​How to survive in Dubai How is Life in dubai are these questions bothering you or are you curious enough to know before you step into the the desert land?

You would like to get a answer about all these questions like

life in dubai cost of living ?

Well to be honest you can survive with 1500 aed for living a back packer lifestyle ,if you want to live a mediocre lifestyle in dubai you can hold on t
5000 Aed to 7000 Aed a month and if luxury is what you are looking for than sky is the limit dubai has everything that means luxury!

life in dubai for indians ?

Dubai is full of Indians some time you feel there are more Indians than local emiratis out here right from metros to cafe and clubs Indians are every where

Life is good the lifestyle is good and thats what our indian guys enjoy out here!

working and living in dubai?

well most of the people in dubai are based here on a work visa so the 9 to 5 crowd is a huge ration compared to traders you can also be a freelancer and survive in dubai so if you wish to make a career in dubai than yes its a good descison keeping long term in mind

how is life in dubai for foreigners ? life in dubai for expats ?

Foreigners feel like home and Dubai gives them everything they ask for you will find Egyptians,Pakistanis,Indians,Europeans,Americans,Africans and every nationality because the arabs host everyone in the best way possible in simple words Dubai is a tourist paradise!

living in dubai with children?

Dubai is a toy land full of toys from cars to shopping centres and not to forget the best education medical facilities and yes choclates the rabs havent compromised any where

Worlds biggest amusement parks shopping malls and colleges everything is on the platter so your kids are gonna have a good time

life in dubai for Americans

Just like Europeans and Indians for Americans too life is Life and Dubai is Dubai ! Wasn’t that simple ha ha lol!

Dubai is the second largest metropolis in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dabi. It covers an area of nearly 1,500 sq. miles and the emirates have a population of 25 Lakhs approximately.  The people of Dubai are mostly of Asian origin and are mostly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  So if you are transferring  to Dubai, You need to take note of some measures for a happy and comfortable living in the City.  Dubai’s main wonders are well documented, but when it comes to Public transport, weather, culture and business, all you need is an essential  guide.The cost of living in Dubai is High but if you Have the skills you shouldnt worry.Dubai Aed has come up with these 12 tips

but if u need more help you can get in touch with me  Bazil Patel

  Working hard is the key to survive:

For many of us Dubai is known for land of Bing, shopping, sandy beaches and the terribly hot sun. It is a place to live a posh life. Actually, that is the truth. It is a magnificent place to live and work, but doesn’t come easily. One has to work long and hard to survive in a city like Dubai. Money plays a major importance there.  So if you are starting a business, put all your effort to make it work and gift you with profits. Otherwise, It’s going to be difficult.

Be patient:

How to make your business work in Dubai`work in Dubai?  You should be coupled with the financial capability to sustain yourself for the long run and for that you will need too much of patience to pull the right wave. So, if you think it’s a cake walk to be fortunate in just a couple of years, you better be forewarned!

Climate slips your business:

Though it doesn’t snow like in Switzerland, Dubai has its eminent sandstorms which locks the city for a day or two. In these days flights get cancelled, Public transports functionality reduces and schools too gets shut. So it isn’t the day for your business. And in those days, wearing the white akandora (sheik suit) is the wise choice.

Get ready for the big competition:

Although Dubai is a late entrant, it has captivated the Western markets and has attracted great talent and experts from across the globe to build the posh high class city we see today. This competition is firm from both local and foreign players, as everyone is interested in the daily blooming real estate and construction in the Dubai markets. But that’s what keep us excited and thrilled on our toes and makes us think uniquely for more business deals.

Learn Arabic or else suffer:

Arabic is one complicated language for the newcomers and they need to take a lot of effort to learn as well as write. All the places are named in Arabian, including the tram stations across the city which is the major public transport. If you are totally new to the city, you should actually take a translator with you or else you will be struck. There are many crash courses which teach the language in less than a month to keep life in dubai simple. So keep in mind Language is important.
Consistency and local presence:
The people of Dubai are very helpful. There are many foreign businessmen, who came to Dubai for a living and have grown fore fold in their business. So Dubai doesn’t leave you aloof. It would play a very active role in terms of feeding you a livelihood. It is just that you need to know the tactics.  You should learn to survive through the rough economic and political phases witnessed by the region.
Acquirement Vs Marketing?

In most of the companies all over the world, the budgets for marketing sits with only the marketing department who are responsible for spreading its company’s vision and hiring the best suitable consultants for getting the job done. But in Dubai the acquirement or purchase department is more important as it often rises to stringent qualification criteria. This puts up an interesting challenge  to showcase your talent and potential at the same time remaining with the guidelines.
Friendship and business go hand in hand:

In Dubai, building strong relationships with people you come across will be so much helpful and it is called paramount. In the world of Arab, Friendship and business go hand in hand. IF you prove your trust to someone, you are 100% likely to be appointed or a step closer and that makes your life in dubai booming.
Be a strong decision maker:

If you are a newbie in Dubai, you would respond to urgent requests with so much of enthusiasm and nail biting anticipations. But you have to relax. It is common here to wait for even a year. Just roll with it. This is how it is done here. Plan and adjust your business accordingly.
Keep it cool:

 Decision making would be like a basketball match where your quotation is your ball and your head of the department are active players on the field. After a set  of discussion and negotiation, you would also be told to fully scrap your original work and start over again. You should be cool and calm to handle these situations
Learn to walk through the nameless streets:.
One biggest of biggest challenge you would face is navigating through he streets of Dubai. The heavy traffic, the nameless streets could make one go lost. All these could literally conspire against by delaying you for a meeting. The Dubai metro has helped people on timekeeping. So use it.
Switch to smart:
The hot topic of the region is smart. Nearly 85% of Dubai’s population use smartphones and it is the highest percentage worldwide. They also have the ambition to become the smartest city in next 10 to 15 years. So there is no doubt in development activities as it is noted as one of the active cities, where people work really hard to meet the needs of the city.
Dubai is a hub of many nationalities. You get to learn about real diversity. Enjoy the charm of the city. Your life would automatically turn as you like. 

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