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From a small Bedouin land to the world’s leading magnet for tourists, Dubai is an epic place and an epic adventure. There are several things that are unique to this country and play at the strings of your traveler heart. Here’s the list just hang-on because it’s going to be an exciting ride:

1. A Gold Churning Machine
Nope, you did not hear it wrong, in fact you heard it exactly right. Dubai is the city of gold, where ATM machines let you withdraw gold bullions, not only can you withdraw gold at the current market rates but you can also extract other precious metals like silver. Have fun shopping with gold with the Gold ATMs available at the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, and Atlantis the Palm Dubai.

2. Snow in the Summer
Up for skiing in the summers but hesitant, of course because there is no snow in the summers? Hakuna Matata, Habibis! Dubai is the unique spot where you can click selfies with the penguins during the summers in its mega indoor Ski Dubai land where you can sing, “Winter, Winter, can you see? You mean a whole, lot to me!”
Present in the Mall of Emirates, this place is the word’s largest snow zone since 2005. It definitely tops the list of unique because where in a land of desert you would expect to see cactuses, you see show flakes! You can just meet and greet the resident penguin colony here.

3. Gold Mask
Gold is an element that is high on antioxidants and has a plethora of benefits. These include skin tightening, giving a radiant glow to the skin, and protection from sun damage. But hang on. Where on earth do you get gold masks on your face? in Dubaaai! The place is a heaven for beauty conscious people with loads of bucks in their pockets. Inspired from Cleopatra who used to wear a gold mask every night for its healing properties. And in Dubai, you can replicate the beauty regime of Cleopatra.

4. Out of charger? No problem, you have palm tress in Dubai
Wondering what you just read? Can’t find a suitable association between palm tress and electricity? Well, there sure is a crazy cool connection between the two. Dubai has equipped its public parks and beaches with Smart Palms, palm tress that are energy banks, powered by the sun itself. So these smart palms not only charge your tablets and phones for you but also offer the latest updates on sea conditions, weather, tourist information, and beach rules through PA systems and display screens. Oh, these palm trees also serve as Wi-Fi hotspots. That’s taking technology and innovation to a whole new level.

4. Camel Polo
Play polo but with a twist. In this unique country, share the exclusive experience of playing polo atop the camel backs. It is an excellent way of building bonds of friendships and a unique way of having a thrilling day.

5. Dinner with the fishes
No silly, no fish for dinner! I said, dinner with the fishes meaning dine-in in an underwater restaurant where you can both eat fish and see fish. The Al Mahara restaurant at the Burj Al Arab is a private spot for a perfect dinner in the aquarium setting. Top it up with mouthwatering cuisine and a faux-submarine entrance, Dubai is the very epitome of unique.

6. It’s A Safe City
The crime rate in the Emirate is almost negligent. So when it comes to traveling and living here, it is among the safest cities across the world. No fear of any pickpockets, robbery, theft or anything else, just fun and adventure.

7. Chocolate Spa
It is not something that has escaped one’s observations but chocolate has an amazing texture. So how to get a full body treatment with chocolate? You name it and Dubai’s got it! The country offers fascinating chocolate spas that allow one to relax in the chocolate luxury.

8. Camel Cuisine
There is no other place where you would get this unique cuisine that is an uplift of one’s tradition with a touch of coolness. Camel burgers, milkshakes, milk, ice cream, cheese and what not are all hallmarks of the cuisine of the United Arab Emirates.

9. Drive a Ferrari
Don’t push your dreams any further because in this unique country you have can easily rent a Ferrari. And it is not big deal here really. Even the police here drive Lamborghinis and other sports cars.

10. A place of World Records
The place has a uniqueness of making records and impressing the whole kit and caboodle. It has the world’s biggest mall, second largest man-made marina, tallest hotel, and the world’s largest aquarium.

All these facts just show that Dubai is the very definition of out-of-this-world fascinating! And it makes my heart go Oh-la-la. Therefore, I am going to go control my impressed heart singing to the tunes of the Arabic drum music. And y’all should take the time to have a scoop of all the uniqueness squeezed into this place.

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