Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Tourist Attractions in Dubai City, a place of man made miracles has been gaining lot of points in terms of tourism since the past decade. Plenty of people flock from every corner of the world to adore and appreciate the beauty of man made brilliance. So if this has knuckled your head or you have been planning your Dubai Holidays for quite a while now then we are here to pen down your itinerary with top rated tourist attraction in Dubai. A tip, scribble the points down to enjoy a pre-customized trip to Dubai.

Burj Khalifa (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): The atonement of sheer man made craft is Burj Khalifa. The man made beast, stands high at height of 829.8 m. The building has made records in number of ways, out of which one is longest elevator travel in the world. The building has around 120 floors and is a hotel as well as a commercial building. Visitors can get to the observation deck and witness the panoramic view from an incredible height.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Tourist Attractions in Dubai)
: The mammoth mosque enjoys a reputation of iconic modern craftsmanship and interiors. The mosque proudly shows off a gold, marble in multiple proportions, mosaic work and glass work and blindingly white stone. The contrast of beauty wrapped around the mosque is phenomenal and has been attracting tourists from everywhere.

Jebel Hafeet(Tourist Attractions in Dubai): The summit of Jebel Hafeet is everyone’s favorite trip from Abu Dhabi. There are several different desert panoramas all the way to the hippily hapilly top. Enjoy the drive and rejoice the iconic splendor of twisted road.

Al-Bidyah Mosque (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): Another splendor of Dubai City, the Al-Bidyah is an important monumental attraction which is situated in Emirate of Fujairah. The beautiful mosque was originally designed with the assistance of its authentic ventilation shaft patterns in the midst of walls which are still visible. The neighbouring area is now tagged as an archaeological site.

Hajar Mountains (Tourist Attractions in Dubai)
: Mountains in Dubai City, yeah, Hajar scythe through the desert further creating a wild heart of UAE. The spectacular scenery connects the region’s various small villages of the country. Visit the place to get a blink of nature around the man made spectacle i.e. Dubai City.

Sharjah Arts Museum (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): A museum which is dedicated to the arts of the country, has a dedicated audience as its visitors. The museum is a home to plenty of UAE historical artifacts created by various talented artists of the country. Visit the museum to get a peek into the history of Dubai City through beautiful art.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): Another museum adoring the history of UAE. The museum showcases various evidences from the Islamic culture and also displays different manuscripts, and various other religious documents.

Desert Excursions (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): This one is for adventurous people. Create a beeline from the edge of the desert further hugging the coastline of the outside cities, the experience will leave an everlasting impression of a debut from a zoned out place to a zoned in place.

Beaches (Tourist Attractions in Dubai): Dubai Holidays are complete only when you visit the beaches. The artificial beaches of Dubai city, embodies an enclave of luxury sweeps of sand. You can enjoy various water sports, lone time in the private patches of sand and above all luxury offered by the hotels nearby.

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