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Uncovering The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai

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The Saga Of The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai/ Uncovering The Majestic Mountains Of Dubai
You might be surprised and confused to think of having mountains in the deserts of Dubai. A place where desert sands brush up against soaring skyscrapers, we all think such a situation cannot be gifted by the mountains, but this is the beauty of Dubai. It will shock you at every other moment, the moment you think your journey has ended it will take a new turn. You can find some of the most majestic and beautiful mountains that one can be blessed enough to witness in your lifetime in Dubai. The sheer variety of these sky-high mountains is surprising, so take a deep breath and get ready to discover these vertical wonders in Dubai.
Also known as Jabal Al Jays, this mountain is located on the border between Oman and the United Arab Emirates. You can find the highest point of this mountain on the Omani side, and the temperature is as low as -5 degrees Celsius in the winters at the top of the hill. At this elevation, the air is sometimes so thin that people get out of breath. So it’s always recommended to take your safety gears with yourself before heading to such a great height. This place is a perfect option for various adventurous activities such as paragliding, ski slope, dune bashing, and many other such activities. I can vouch that these mountains will offer you a genuinely out-of-the-world hike experience.
Al Hajar Mountains
Also known as the stony mountains, this place is a visual treat for all the photographers around the globe. You can see the silhouettes of the hills against the light black sky that will slowly shift to dark blue as the light strikes. These mountains are out of this world, a perfect spot for adventure enthusiast, the soul dipped in romance, people searching for peace and an extraordinary masterpiece of nature. Al Hajar Mountains have their kind of beauty, mainly because they exist in a place where people don’t imagine they can ever exist. They are nearly an hour drive away from downtown Dubai, and you can also consider them as Dubai’s best-kept secret, the more you try to uncover the more you get engrossed in its beauty.
Jebel Dhanna
Around the coastal region, just north of Abu Dhabi, there are several mountains and beautiful scenic sea cliffs that have become the home to some skyrocketing rock formations. After an ancient river dried out at this site, it gave rise to some stone formations that are made up of rare vertebrate fossils. These stone formations have been named as the Baynunah and Shuwaihat. You can find some amazingly cool fossils in the rocks, such as the jaw of a hippopotamus, the skull of an ancient crocodile, and the relic of an elephant. It’s enthralling to walk around these old rocks that have been around longer than the UAE itself.
JabalBadiyah is a mountain in Fujairah with an elevation of 1,418 ft. With steep climbs and rocky base, tracks are, and novices would face great difficulty to ride along these tracks, but to experienced riders, it will offer many breathtaking challenges. It has barely decipherable paths and the rocky cliff sides to high plateaus. The mountain tops, on the other hand, provide spectacular views across the plains below.
What comes to mind while you think of an inspirational landscape? I can bet most of you will say and think of mountaintops. Earth’s most majestic gifts are the mountains and Dubai is blessed to be the home of these majestic glories of nature. When we look up at mountain tops, feel like we are at the top of the world, surveying the world from high above, which can make us feel mighty and can be a metamorphic experience for all of us. Even if you can’t get the opportunity to climb a peak in the wilderness though, you can still look up at the hights and admire them and find inspiration. A trip to Dubai can never be complete without visiting its skyrocketing peaks. These majestic mountains will take you in their arms and hug you as a mother hugs his child.