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Water sports and adventure in Dubai

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When the sun gets enraged and escalates up to the zenith of the clouds, when the temperatures raise high- that is the ideal time to dive in the refreshing water of the Water Parks. Everyone does want to splash all their concerns and box up their worries with every passing wave? There is no one born on this earth who would dislike fun water activity. Given such an excellent chance, travelers like me would relish spending the entire summer vacations in water parks.
Water parks all around the world are oversaturated, most of which are monotonous, uninspiring and mostly copied. There is a specific exception to it, and indeed the water parks in Dubai top this list. The stingy smell of chlorine makes drenching in the water a curse. Advertisements of the water parks are manipulative thus can shake out a considerable amount of money out of this lucrative business.
Water Sports and Dubai
Dubai has a variety of amusement and water parks; thus Dubai is a dream destination and heaven on earth for all water lovers. All the wildest desires will come true. The water slide gives you a roller coaster feeling the moment you sit in the slide. Till you reach the final destination, you won’t be able to make out what happened.
The waves are capable of carrying you to a height of 11 ft, no matter how hefty you may be. The time duration is after every two minutes, and this repetition adds more to the fun.
Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai, UAE
This scenic tropical park is found just next to the ‘Burj Al Arab.’ The main chill spots include an 18 m artificial waterfall and also two imitation surfing machines which can be exciting and entertaining. The visitor will encounter the fastest and ultimate water slides in this. This enthralling intimacy with the waterslides can challenge you initially, but it is better to act like a brave lion. You can mess up in case the direction gets a bit shaky in the slide, but at the end, these water slides will leave you with the thrill. You can avoid the queue by booking the ticket online-
Why should birds have all the fun in air? Flyboarding provides an alluring adventure which may numb your pulses for a couple of seconds. Be just 9cm above the water and feel like flying over it. Book tickets in advance-
Diving all year-round
Scuba divers are you ready to get cozy with sea creatures in Dubai? Encountering a shark at the Dubai aquarium and also the underwater zoo will perfectly fit in the list. This aquarium holds over 33000 varieties of sea creatures all in a tank. Take a deep breath and visit the sharks around you. These predators are caged so you are safe whether they are near you or any other place. You can also test your luck and hunt for the wealth of the shipwrecks.
Marine ride
Seabreacher is a submarine that is of a shark shape. It gives a real shark feeling to an onlooker especially when this submarine waggles its tail. This water park will not be a burden to you and has much to offer other than Water Slides and tidal waves. The pools are like crystal, and the wave sounds add up to the tranquillity of the place. Although the owners planned to keep this simple, thus not exaggerating with the ornamentation of the pool. Get further details and book from-
Feel the hull
Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) located at Jumeirah Beach is perfect for the ones who love sailing. But if one is new to sailing or Dubai, then happiness and spirit of completeness will fill you in the sunny winter months at this place. There is a range of yachts with skilled instructors, so you always get what is desired.
Kite surfing
Kite beach — this is a place where you can witness true kite surf lovers and will also become one! Just clasp the parachute, and you are all set to chat with the birds. You can book your kite surfing lessons online-
Sightseeing on a jet-ski
Are you just a tourist or also an adventure lover? If you are both, then Nemo Watersports and Dubai Jetski will serve as your Fairy Godmother. Trust me; these will offer you trips with skilled instructors who will verify whether you have satisfied your gaze with all the famous landmarks. The tour can also be rushed if you have less amount of time in hand.
Go and grab a beautiful and exciting summer in Dubai with your loved ones.