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Boat ride across Dubai’s creek is one of Emirates’ most remarkable draws. The city has become so congested that there is a huge need of a more comfortable ride. Water taxis take you to your desired location through a scenic route. I am sure if people are anything like me then your mood, also, fluctuates with traffic; the clearer the road, the cleaner the mind . The more traffic, the tougher it’s going to be to stay less red and more patient. However, now that water taxis are available, everything around feels peaceful. They are my favorite way to literally any destination. They are about 11 meters long and 4 meters wide and their construction is completely different than other regular boats.


Humans are not idiots. It is not rocket science to figure out a way besides road and air. Transportation through water has been old news. Of course, ‘taxi’ is what geniuses came up with. Before that it was either boat or an ore that people used for travelling.

Besides few countries, the whole world has such comfortable facility. However, when it comes to Dubai’s water taxis then these fun rides  are attractive and beneficial for tourists’ engagement as they play a major role in tourism. They even have the capability of accommodating necessities like wheel chairs for the disabled Travelers.

 Not only the ride is private, but tourists’ privacy is also respected on the taxi. Another benefit of a water taxi is that it is extremely flexible when it comes to timing and location. 

Now there are several types of rides you can enjoy on water. I have mentioned my personal favorite in the title; Abras. Abras is a pretty famous water vehicle in Dubai. It basically demands manual rowing on a boat that has side layers pitched with asphalt.

There are numerous advantages of Abras. It only takes 5-7 minutes to reach so you don’t have to leave your house an hour early just in case you catch traffic. Traditional Abras’ charm has been in existence since 1700 while Abras generating with motor was a latest invention. Of course, the motorized ones run faster and quickly devote you on your path. It doesn’t matter when you have to use the motorized ones to get to your destination. However, if you are a tradition lover and want to taste the pleasure of traditional Abras, then you have to hop on board in the morning because after that they are closed. Also, you will only find them either at library station or creek park station. As per motorized Abras, they meet Deira and Bur Dubai and are available all over Dubai creek.

Then there is electrical abra. It surpasses all rides when it comes to luxury. Tourists usually prefer electrical abras for travelling as it has all the facilities to not only keep them refreshed, but to keep them entertained as well. You won’t believe it but the abra has shows performed onboard. Now besides the tour of the whole creek, electrical Abra takes people to Burj Lake. Burj Lake has a special attraction that takes people’s breath away. If you are not aware of that, you have no idea how meaningless your life is right now. But stop dreaming , allow me to enlighten you. In the middle of Downtown Dubai, world’s second largest fountain has been built. It is a choreographed fountain built perfectly on the Burj Lake. Many tourists especially ride on the electrical abra to take delight in the view of this breathtaking fountain.

Water taxis literally exist to satisfy all your needs. Whether you want a private ride to your location or a trip around the city of lights, you will be entertained with the best service possible. Your safety is completely guaranteed. If all these qualities don’t attract you to try Dubai’s water taxis, I have no idea what else would. When I come back, I would love to read all your experience on these rides. Now excuse me while I go ride on Electrical Abra and appreciate all the blessings I have in Dubai. Have a great day.

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