Water sports and adventure in Dubai

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When the sun gets mad and climbs up the zenith of the clouds. When the temperatures soar high that is the perfect time to dive in the cool water of the water parks. There can be a no better approach to spending your days as the perpetual skies of summer are buckled with clouds and they flare up in a luminous, neon-blue when the mood takes them. Who doesn’t want to splash all their worries and bottle up tensions with each passing waves? It is just a matter of high turning slide and it can make you forget your ever dull drab routine. There is none born on the face of this earth who dislike this insanely fun water activity. Given the freakiest chance backpacker like me would love to spend their entire summer holidays in water parks.

Truth be told water parks around the globe are oversaturated, Most of which are boring, amazingly uninspired and copied. There may be some exception to it, and verily the water parks in Dubai top the list. Drenching in water becomes a curse when the stingy smell of chlorine amplifies through the nostrils and reaches up to the brain. The advertisements of these water parks are smartly manipulative and most of them are able to churn out great sums out of this lucrative business.

Water Sports and Dubai

These two words are not at all separate from each other. In fact, they are pretty much synonymous. What is that one single sport Dubai does not have? This question might take centuries to get the answer because the probable answer is “YEAH MAN! DUBAI HAS IT ALL” Dubai is a dream destination and a paradise on earth for all water babies. All your wildest fantasies can come true. The water slide gives you roller coaster the moment you sit in the slide until your final descent you won’t be able to figure out about what really happened.
The waves can carry you higher than 11 ft no matter how hefty you are. The time duration of them is after every two minutes and this frequency adds a lot more to the fun.


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Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai, UAE
This beautiful tropical park is found right next to the Burj Al Arab. The main chilling points include 18 m artificial waterfall also two imitation surfing machines which can be fun and entertaining for hours. You will experience the fastest and extreme water slides in this. The enthralling affair with the waterslides can technically challenge you initially but honestly it better to behave like a brave lion that swims through the storm. You may mess up a bit in case your direction gets a bit shaky during the slide but at the end, the affair with water slides can always leave you with the thrill.

Fly boarding
You don’t really have to be a bird to enjoy the atmosphere above! Flyboarding provides an alluring experience which may halt your pulses for a couple of seconds. Be 9cm above the water and feel like flying over water.

Diving all year-round
Scuba divers get ready to get cozy with sea creatures in Dubai. Shark encounter at Dubai aquarium and the underwater zoo will fit perfectly in the list as it holds over 33000 of sea creatures all in one tank. GOD ! Take a deep breath and feel the sharks just an inch distance away from you. You probably will feel their heartbeats! Jokes apart, these predators are caged so whether they are near you or away — you are safe.
Moreover, the casino is not only the place to test your luck. Get lucky under the sea and hunt for the wealth of shipwrecks,

Marine ride
You have hit Dubai or are living there yet if not tried the ride in sea breacher then wait I have to give you a veil to cover up your face! Seabreacher is a submarine that is in shape of a shark. It looks so real to an onlooker especially when it waggles its tail. This water park is will not put a burden in your pocket and has so much to offer than just typical routinely water slides and tidal waves. The pools are crystal and the gusher crusher sounds of the waves add up to the serenity of the surrounding. Although the owners have kept it simple by not adding too many attractions but the pool, waves there is the one to die for.

Feel the hull
If you love sailing then I may sound stupid of mentioning the obvious hub of sailing the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) at Jumeirah Beach. But if you are new to sailing or to Dubai then I am compelled to write guys … satisfaction and sense of completeness will fill your organs if you sail over on the sunny winter months at this place. There is the range of yachts with skilled instructors, so you always get what desired.

Kite surf with the locals
Kite beach — this is where you will witness true kite surf lovers and will become one! Just grip on the parachute and you are all set to say your hello to the birds.

Sightseeing on a jet-ski
Are you more of a tourist than an adventure lover? Or Ran out of time yet has to view landmarks and feel the sea of Dubai? Hah! No need to scratch your brain cells for it as Nemo Watersports and Dubai Jetski will act as your fairy godmother. Yes, trust me, they will offer you tours along with skilled instructors who will make sure your gaze encompasses all the famous landmarks. The trip can be sped up if time blackmails you or you can take hours and ditch the time!

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