Yes Dubai Fountain will make you Dance!

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I cannot emphasize on how complete and perfect Dubai is. You can move all around the globe and you, still, won’t find a place like Dubai. Of course, I am not degrading other cities and countries, but Dubai is literally one of a kind. There are malls, breathtaking landmarks, Dubai Creek, Burj Lake and what is built on Burj Lake is world’s second largest Dubai Fountain.


In downtown Dubai, you will get stunned with the representation of lights and music in its captivating water. It is literally world’s tallest ambition about 900ft in the air that exists for performance. It is known to be an irresistible tourist attraction. When I visited the fountain, it delighted me in ways I cannot explain. People around me were praising the view of the fountain, especially at night. Thousands of visitors took a detour to the fountain and showed gratitude for the ecstasy they feel. I experienced myself to be one of them. Each day, thousands of people visit such divine location and dance their feet off at the performance.

The fountain stays lit throughout the night. It looks brighter than my future. All the credit goes to the 6600 WET super lights that brighten the whole place up. Besides that, there are about 25 projectors that create a continuum of about 1000 different water expressions. Besides that, there are around 50 projectors that create a continuum of colors. Now of course if there are that many lights, there will be a requirement of super high voltage. If you are interested in the total output then you won’t believe in the numbers. About 1.5 million lumens are required.


When we talk about the construction of the fountain, it is not only unique but extraordinary built by WET Design that is California’s company.

It has five circles of different sizes built inside two arcs. There are featured forcible nozzles that expel water to impressive heights. I almost fell back while catching myself glazing at the peak of the splash.

There is no doubt that the fountain has an amazing view for its visitors. When it is quiet, it feels peaceful. You can stare at it all night long and you still will crave for more. However, there is one quality that makes it much more attractive and that is the performance. The fountain has several performances on different categories of songs. It entirely depends on one’s personal preference, but every sort of song is played on the fountain, whether it’s a classical song or a contemporary song or even a jazz hip hop. There is a time when the fountain turns active. If you visit it at its active time, you’ll notice the huge amount of water in the air. Around 22000 gallons of water keeps dancing in the sky on your favorite music.

If you still haven’t experienced Dubai Fountain then first of all, why? And second, of all, you might be wondering as to how the water keeps dancing in the air. The fountain has several shooters, super shooters, and high pressured water jets. Besides that, there are robots and oarsmen that create the impression of water shooting and dancing in the air. The most exciting part that makes the whole crowd hoot and cheer is the loud noise that is heard when the water is ejected with high pressure. However, there are some water  shooters at the extreme back that requires an immense amount of energy and pressure; due to which, they aren’t used quite often in the show. 

You can visit the fountain at any time of the year. The show is 30 minutes long in the evening between 6 PM and 11 PM so you can definitely make some time for it.

Even by reading about Dubai Fountain and looking at the pictures, I can imagine how excited you have become to visit it. Imagine how more you would be if you actually went there. I am planning my next visit there soon. Go plan yours, too. But before that enlighten me with the song you’ll prefer for the show. Till then I hope you have a good day.

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